More Good Things That Come in Small Packages: Travel Essentials for the Face

I like to travel light, and if I can fit it all into a carry on, all the better. As far as beauty essentials go, this translates into my preference to keep things simple and in small packages whenever possible. Here are some of the products that always come with me…

The six gorgeous matte neutrals in this spectacular compact palette by Urban Decay can create anything from a sheer office look to a dramatic smokey eye. I hardly ever venture into any other eyeshadow palettes anymore since finding this one.

A very dynamic travel-sized duo of Nars most beloved and popular Orgasm blush and a complementary bronzer for a subtle flush of color and light sunkiss.

I’m more of a gloss than lipstick wearer, because I find my lips do better with the added moisture. Of the two in this little pairing by Nars, I like the darker tone best for me, but I’ll swipe on the lighter one for an extra-sheer look, or blend the two for a third color.

I love that these make up removing towelettes by Neutrogena come individually wrapped in little packets – about the size of a piece of candy – which makes them so easy to toss in your bag, and take out one at a time. I prefer these to the larger travel version that holds multiple wipes together in a package with a (not always perfect) resealable flap.

Lancome’s Bi-Facil eye makeup remover is a longtime favorite, gentle on lashes and the delicate skin around the eyes, but tough on mascara and eyeliner, even when they’re the waterproof kind.

They don’t make a mini-sized version of this, actually, but it is most definitely an essential for me, and I make an exception (and room) in my travel makeup bag for it. My daughter turned me on to this fabulous mascara by Maybelline a few years ago based on a recommendation from a college roomie who was an afficionado of drugstore makeup. It’s as great as the higher-end ones.

A very talented makeup artist friend turned me on to this — the very inexpensive drugstore brand NYX makes this amazing eyeliner pencil called “slide one” that does just that, and then stays put. Not travel-sized, but it’s just a slim little pencil, and it’s certainly travel-worthy.

My secret weapon. If I could only bring one makeup item along, this would actually be it. Another not travel-sized item, but it’s a skinny-malink of a pencil as there ever was, and it’s fantastic. I used to use a much spendier brow pencil, but after loving the NYX eyeliner above, I took a chance on this one (my color is Ash Brown), which turns out to be equally good and about a quarter of the price.

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