A, You’re Adorable

Who else remembers this darling little ditty and how it meanders through the ABC’s of what’s wonderful about the person to whom it’s sung? It’s been one of the tunes in my head the past few months, and conjures up warm early memories of my mom and “Nanny” (Mom’s mom), who taught the tune (and sang it many times over) to me and my sister and brothers. As we round the corner to Mother’s Day, here’s a post inspired by and dedicated to these two all-star mamas and this sweet, sweet song.

This mini tag necklace is a gift from my hubby – it’s got our initials on it – and I’ve been wearing it pretty much every day. It’s a delicate piece that is very well-suited for petite proportions, perfect on its own (my preference) or as part of a layered look.

These French bistro tilework-inspired monogram mugs are très bon. And I love the little extra treat of something to see at the bottom when you’ve finished your last drop.

A set of sleek and very reasonably priced white marble and copper inlayed coasters.

I’m careful about proportions when it comes to totes, but some circumstances – like the beach – call for one with a large capacity. In that case, I opt for a light, neutral colored option, like this classic canvas bag, with its nice hit of leather on the handles. This one also has a nice assortment of inner pockets to keep you good and organized.

These blush colored leather luggage tags are understated pretty, and will help you ID your black suitcase that looks like the rest on the luggage carousel. If blush isn’t your cup of tea, there’s a whole rainbow of options to chose from.

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