DIY Fix: Belt Hole Punch

Sometimes a belt would fit just right if it had one more hole. It can happen at either end of the row of holes, and on any size belt. It can be a new belt that almost works, or a belt you already have that used to work, but your waist size has changed. Or, it could be that your belt worked inside pants belt loops, but now you’d love it around your waist on a dress, and it doesn’t work for that.

All of these scenarios have happened to me. Which is why I figured there had to be a way to do it myself that would not look like a craft job gone sour. I confess I’m guilty of using the wrong sharp object with pretty sad results in the past. I tried a shishkebab skewer once, and would not recommend that option to you, ever.

Anyway, experience made me wise enough to do some research and discover this hole punch tool from Skilled Crafter, which I chose among other options I found because it had excellent reviews, and good customer service response within reviews when people had less than optimal results.

I’ve been very happy I did. It’s been working really well for me! I appreciate that it came with a bunch of helpful accessories like a tool called an awl for marking and clearing the new hole, and extra pieces. It comes with instructions, and even more instructions came as a PDF from a seller’s message emailed through Amazon, where I purchased it, including directions for sharpening it.

Here’s me adding a hole to this belt. I worked on it with the inside of the belt facing up, because it was easier for me to measure and see where I was going.

And here’s my finished product. The new hole is at the bottom of the picture.

So now all my belts fit. Better still, they don’t look like I took a shishkebab skewer to them. Got a little DIY pride in the process, too.

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