Dolce Vita Wedge Heel Slingbacks

Finding a pair of shoes that ticks all the boxes is a share-worthy event for sure. I recently happened upon this pair by Dolce Vita, while scouting for my upcoming Nude Shoe Review. They aren’t nude, but they are fabulous.

Wedges are a very challenging shoe style to pull off when you are petite, because they are a large shoe by definition, and all the more so the higher you go with the heel. Like any high-heeled wedge, there’s a lot of volume to this shoe, and if the colors, materials, and construction weren’t right, they’d look way off-proportion on a petite frame.

These are a holy grail kind of exception. Here’s why:

These wondrous slingback wedges have a suede vamp in a neutral sage-grey that acts in the same way as a nude would – on most skin tones – a very “blendy” color, that will keep the eye moving vertically, creating an elongating effect. They also come in a version with a suede vamp in a beautiful darker neutral called “saddle” that some of you might prefer. The suede vamp on this shoe is substantial and keeps you feeling very secure in the shoe, with soft edges that don’t cut into your foot.

My favorite part of this shoe is the strap at the back, which is in a coordinating snake skin print in subtle shades of sage-grey and blush (yes, blush!) that blend beautifully and add a little snazz. The strap is not a skinny one, but it’s in excellent proportion and it’s very comfortable and secure-feeling.

At the very bottom of these little lovelies, the white band and upturned toe give them a sporty feel and definitely get the wedge looking less substantial than it actually is. The jute braiding in a light neutral contribute to this too.

Not gonna lie. These are high heels — 4″ high to be exact. But here’s the thing. Since they start on a 1 1/2″ wedge, the incline is not as steep as it could be if there was no platform. Because of the 1 1/2″ inch wedge, the actual feel of the shoe is that of a 2 1/2″ inch heel rather than a 4″ inch heel. As your arches can surely tell you, that is a huge difference. And it’s true. These babies are comfortable. As in, all day long comfortable. As in, wear as a sub for a flat white sneaker all day long comfortable.

This weekend is a cool and wet one, which means I can only look at them longingly (or wear them inside my apartment. OK, yes, that’s what’s happening right now.). Come the days of steady warm weather, these will be my go-to wear-everywhere zip-abouts.

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