Donating Your Clothes

Have some clothing items you’d like to give a beautiful new life to by passing them along? Here’s a rundown of three wonderful options for getting new to gently worn clothes to someone who could use them.


Dress for Success is much more more than about the clothes, although that’s a big part of it. DFS offers a full range of professional empowerment programs for women in need, including providing work-appropriate attire that they’ve collected through donations. How to: To donate your professional clothing to this remarkable organization, click here to find a Dress for Success local affiliate near you.


Give Back Box will create a free prepaid shipping label for you to print that will route your items to the closest participating clothing donation charity (mine get sent to Goodwill). How to: You just fill any sturdy shipping box you already have (like the box new clothes you bought online came in, for example), attach the label, and either send it along with your USPS mail or drop it off at any USPS or UPS location. You can track your packages and get a donation tax receipt. You’ll be recycling your old boxes, too, while you’re at it. Click here to get started.


Thred Up is an online consignment and thrift store, and a mega-sized one at that. If you’d like to donate, they’ve got a program for that. How to: Order their free donation kit. They will send you a prepaid bag to fill that you can then leave for your mail carrier, or drop off at any FedEx or USPS location. They will send a donation to one of the charities they’re partnered with, and you will get a donation tax receipt. Click here to order a donation kit.

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