Gray Kind of Day

Gray is always a staple color for winter (autumn, too). I think it tends to be undervalued for the solid neutral it is. Gray, even at its charcoal-iest, is always less harsh and stark than black — or white, for that matter. Have you ever noticed on a grayish day that the other colors outside look more intense? Gray can do that.

A delightfully unstuffy, unstructured highly versatile blazer to wear with a pair jeans and any number of tops.

A fluffy faux fur vest.

I love the pewter gray of this sweater, and the pleated shoulders are excellent.

Sometimes feminine details, especially in combination, can seem a little too cloying for me. They are just right on this henley blouse.

Stretch Crushed velvet looks all kinds of fabulous as a roll-sleeved T.

This soft modal turtleneck would make a great winterizing foundation layer under a shirtdress.

An easy-wearing tunic like this one is a perfect pairing with a pair of leggings.

There’s nothing ordinary about the styling of this waffle knit weekend wear sweater. And you can have fun with those side zippers.

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