Hello, Yellow

Well, hey there, sunshine. Yellow is making a big splash this spring! I love this energizing color, so I’ve been happily basking in the glow of all things bold, bright, and sunny researching today’s post. Catch some rays – in petite proportions, of course – below…

I love the crispness of the stripes, which comes about by black borders, played against a softly styled blouse form here.

On their way to my jewelry box: these modern minimalist leather bracelets are custom sized to your wrist length when you order them! They’re 5 mm, or less than .2 inches, in width, so I suggest getting two or three to wear together (they are very inexpensive), or in a stack with something else you’ve got.

This type of sweater would ordinarily be too on the preppy side for me, but v at the neck wins me over.

The flowers on this gorgeous, breezy sleeveless top are shadowed, lending a three-dimensional sense to the pattern, which is very cool.

This organic linen jacket is perfect to toss over a neutral outfit and completely transform it. The mandarin collar keeps it low-volume near the face, and makes it even more petite-friendly.

Pop in some yellow with this beauty of a vegan leather tote. Its medium-sized proportions will work well on a petite frame.

In some cases, toning it down is definitely the better way to go. I’m really into the buttery yellow of these ankle length skinnies.

This belt bag has a cool sculptural shape to it, and comes in a most perfect shade of daisy yellow.

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