Kitchen Solution: Countertop Jars and Canisters

My (also petite) sister is the source of my inspiration for the theme of today’s post, and more that will be up and coming. Her request: how about some petite-centric solutions for the kitchen? I thought I’d start with jars and canisters for the countertop.

Storage in the kitchen can be an extra challenge when you’re petite because the upper cabinets — especially the higher shelves of them — are a big old bear to get to, plain and simple. I previously posted on step ladders as one way to address the issue. Here’s another idea: put a little bit of storage on your countertop. To maximize the benefits, what you choose should hold something you reach for pretty often. Counter space is “prime real estate” in a kitchen, meaning it’s most easily accessible. You want the space that’s most easily accessible to house what you use most (same goes for the bottom shelves of your upper cabinets, too). Countertop storage is also an opportunity to add some style and personal touches. And it’s always visible. Be sure what you choose will make you feel good when you look at it.

Here are some lovely options…

First, some classic beauties.

A modern alternative.

I love the mid-century vibe of this one.

And the sculptural look of this rather spendy one.

The leather rope handles are a cool detail on these canisters, and the varied textures on the different sizes make them even more interesting to look at.

The chalkboard label is incredibly fun, and the scoop right on the side is incredibly smart. I’d use one of these for keeping coffee at the ready.

I like these sleek-with-a-peek stainless canisters for pasta and grains.

And these. They’ve got a dial on top of the lid that you can set to mark the date for freshness.

The colors and patterns on these are just delightful.

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