Kitchen Solution: Lower Cabinet Organizers

Prime real estate. This is a great way to think of the most easily accessible storage space in your kitchen.

Today’s post is another kitchen solution, about maximizing the way you use your “prime real estate”. That means getting the most of what you use most into that space. This kitchen solution is good for everyone, but becomes a little more essential when you are petite, because the “prime real estate” is a smaller space. By about one upper cabinet shelf’s worth of real estate, if you think about it.

The cover picture is of my newly married daughter’s lower cabinet where she keeps her big set of pots and pans, a rather huge strainer, and a set of cutting boards. Check out the organizing racks. She’s using three of them – one on the shelf, and two side by side on the bottom of the cabinet.

These racks allow her to keep much more in this cabinet than would be possible without them, freeing up her “prime real estate” – other lower cabinet space, in this case – for more storage. Storing the pots and pans and their lids vertically like this also prevents scratches and nicks from stacking them on top of each other. Everything has a place, so she finds what she needs quickly and puts back what she uses quickly, too. And every time she peeks inside, everything is neat and pretty.

She uses the ones called “lid holders” for storing everything – pots, pans, and lids. They cost less than a taller version made to hold pots and pans. I agree with her that it’s not necessary to go for the taller ones. The shorter ones work beautifully for everything.

Among the couple of options for pot and pan organizers out there, these are a very awesome choice for all the boxes they tick. They’re free-standing and stable, so there’s no need to put holes in your cabinet to screw them down to secure them like some of the others. They are adjustable, with vertical separators that are movable so you can customize them to your needs. And there’s the price. It’s really, really nice.

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