Kitchen Solution: Under Shelf Basket

Upper cabinet space that’s easy to access – the “prime real estate” of a kitchen – is everyone’s challenge. Add in factors like apartment living and being petite, and solutions to maximize that space are all the more clutch.

Here’s another way I add extra reachable space in my upper kitchen cabinets: this nifty little under shelf basket. I use it to just about double my storage space for mugs on the shelf I’ve organized for our coffee and tea. It frees up shelf space for other items, and keeps me from being tempted to try stack my cups on top of each other – that’s always a precarious situation and never looks right.

The basket is deep enough for two rows of assorted coffee cups we have. The ones you see keeping their place up front are our favorite go-to’s (and you can get them here and here). They get me smiling every morning when I reach for them for the first cup of the day. No tippy toes necessary.

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