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Looking through Loft selections in petite sizing, I’m always impressed with the quantity and variety of choices, and how many have construction and details that are great styling strategies for petites. To see what I mean, have a scroll through my favorites currently on the offer.

First of all, these jeans are soft like nobody’s business. But what really wins my love is the detailed stitching on the outer vertical seam, an extra petite-friendly detail for its lengthening effect that also makes these jeans look more expensive than they are.

This aqua color! So refreshing as an alternative to a blue jean hue, and so spring-y.

The happy yellow flowers against the navy background are mesmerizing. The ruffled cap sleeves and neckline details draw the eye up, making this lovely top especially petite-friendly.

Vertical cascades of florals plus a higher neckline create a longer looking torso on this breezy shell.

This sweet and spring spriggy-ful flowy blouse is in a perfect soft lilac.

A staple top – a striped henley shell with a flowy back to go with any color on the bottom. The closely spaced pinstripes are in excellent proportion for a petite frame.

Be your best lady in red in this dress with features to flatter a petite frame – a vertical line of buttons at the side, a v-neck and wrap styling.

I think the colorful tortoiseshell hoops on these wear-with-anything earrings are just gorgeous, and since they drop only 1 1/4 inches from the ear, they are in good proportion for a petite-sized person.

A perfect pouch for safeguarding your sunnies, at a pretty perfect price, too.

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