More Good Things That Come in Small Packages: Products for Hair

Another way to think about travel-sized products is as an opportunity to try out something new without committing to a full-sized version. The downside to buying a smaller sized version is that they’re inevitably less economical compared to their full sized counterparts. On the other hand, you won’t be out the risk of paying for a whole regular-sized amount of a product that turns out to not be what you’d hoped for.

Here are some good-for-a-trial-sized versions of some fabulous hair products. If you like them, consider scooping up more in this smaller size for traveling, and in full size for regular use.

I’ve done some scooping up of travel sizes myself over the recent weeks, in anticipation of upcoming vacation. I’ll be away for the next week and a half, enjoying some sun (I hope!), catching up on reading, and getting in some sweet r-and-r. See you when I’m back!

If you use a heated tool on your hair like a dryer, straightener, or curling iron, a heat protector is really a must to protect your lovely locks. This one is wonderful, and also cuts down on drying time for me, which, with my thick hair, is a big deal. A little goes a long way, too.

If you’ve not tried the miracle that is dry shampoo, here’s one with many, many fans, myself included. It’s great to have on hand for a quick refresh in between hair washes. The fresh, clean original scent is my favorite.

And how about a more recent development… dry conditioner? It’s terrific for taming emerging dry or messy ends. This one also does double duty as a great detangler.

A not expensive, gentle, sulfate-free shampoo with a scent I like to call “pretty”. The conditioner’s lovely, too.

Hairspray hallelujah! I’m a recent convert, and here’s why: it’s light and flexible, keeping your styling efforts in place without weighing down your hair (or worse, getting it crunchy or slick-looking). You can run your fingers through, and brush it, and it still does what it’s supposed to do. Amen, sisters.

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