Other Good Things That Come in Small Packages: Travel Size Beauty Products

Trial size, sample size, travel size, mini size. Whatever you call them (how about petite size?), these are great for packing efficiently for travel, for trying out something new that intrigues you, or for a little indulgence.

If you’ve got a keratin treatment in your hair like I do sometimes, using sulfate-free shampoo is a must. Even when the keratin treatment is out of my hair, I stick to sulfate-free because it feels so much less harsh to me. This means I have to travel with it, since you can never assume that your hotel will have sulfate-free products. I’m down to my last of this conditioner, which has been discontinued, but you can get the conditioner version of the one that I have in shampoo, and it’s equally great.

This is the mini version of my favorite hairspray to tame the tresses. I like how it provides hold that allows movement and doesn’t make my hair too shiny or stiff.

Here’s how to treat yourself when off you go: toss this Molton Brown art of travel kit in your suitcase and turn any travel plans into a spa vacation experience. I’ve never met a Molton Brown scent I didn’t adore.

Keep this in your purse and desk drawer for Mist O’Clock (That’s 3 p.m. for the uninitiated!). It’s like a cup of coffee for your face. Lots of us swear by Avene thermal spring water facial mist for a refreshing midday (or any time of day) pick-me-up.

Another cult favorite: Caudalie Beauty Elixir toner and setting spray for a glowy complexion and to keep your makeup handiwork in place.

Just the few matte neutral shades in this eyeshadow palletee are all you need to create a full range of possibilities for your eyes, from simple to dramatic.

Mario Badescu of NYC spa fame knows how to treat your face right. This light-as-can-be oil-free moisturizer is a premier example, complete with responsible broad spectrum SPF coverage.

A little goes a long way with this tube of moisture, protection and shine for lips by Geurlain. With a “gourmet-like fragrance that recalls a madeiline.” Mmmmmmmmmm.

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