Valentine’s Day is coming up, yes, but the true inspiration for this post was learning of the literally hundreds of love letters recently discovered in a closet by a friend between her parents from the early 1950’s, when her dad was serving overseas in the Korean war. Every single letter written by her mother to her father was actually S.W.A.K., in red lipstick! What an incredibly beautiful testament to the truly-madly-deeply kind of romantic love the two shared. That is a real, honest-to-goodness treasure.

I think the pattern on this button-down is really great for its almost-subtlety. I wouldn’t ordinarily wear so many lips at a time myself, but I’d make an exception here.

Scribble me this: a sweet t-shirt with an even sweeter ellipsis. Yes, love is love (is love… right, Lin-Manuel Miranda?)

This navy sweatshirt with its bright pink smoocher is really fun.

These pretty little 14K stud earrings are 50% off.

I don’t think a better idea for a print is possible for a makeup bag. Nicely done, Charlotte Tilbury!

The papercLIPS are seriously awesome, and the rest of this stationery set is pretty cool, too.

Si to these bilingual tea cups.

I saw this mini (6″ x 6″ x 1.25″) canvas print at Target a while ago, and it hasn’t left my mind. I’m delighted it’s still available for this post. I think it would be terrific on a dressing table or bathroom vanity.

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