Sorel Wedge Booties

These boots are made for walking. And running. And standing for long periods of time. And rainy or snowy days. And for wearing very, very often. Can you tell how much I love my trusty Sorel wedge booties? The incorporated wedge, shaft height, and overall shape are all Goldilocks-just-right on my petite proportions. I get stopped, questioned, and complimented constantly about them, too. Credit for turning me on to these works of wonder goes to my little sister, who is also petite, who also wears hers all the time, and who’s birthday it happens to be today. Happy birthday, little sis!

Sorel’s got a whole collection of wedge bootie styles that I think are completely and utterly fabulous. Yes, I am considering a second pair. Here’s what I’ve got under consideration…

This year, Sorel’s made a new version of the ones I’ve got, which is more streamlined in detailing, and to my mind, even more petite-friendly because of it. Based on reviews, not everyone is happy with the new look. I love it.

I’d get them in this color, though, since I’ve already got my black pair.

With a more fully wintery look and feel, these have shearling and microfleece lining. The medium grey-charcoal combo is subtle and meets along a vertical (rather than horizontal) line, making the colorblocking petite-friendly.

This pair has a bit of a sleeker look, which I do like a lot, and also has shearling and microfleece lining.

This kind of textile winter boot is usually bulky, uninspired, and otherwise not much in the way of fashionable, but I would call these sporty.

The beauty is in the details of this slightly more rugged-ish pair. If you find yourself missing the extra touches on the new version of the Sorel’s I have now, consider this option.

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