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Decided to not be tethered to a particular category this go round, for a good old-fashioned change of pace. Today’s post is a collection assembled out of a wide and varied assortment of what’s caught my eye as of late. A little bit of this, and a little bit of that, footloose and theme-free… all in petite proportions, of course.

If you’ve ever owned a pair of coated denim jeans, you know exactly why this jacket is here. Sleek and edgy as leather but lighter, and with more season spanning capabilities, this coated specimen in classically constructed jacket form is fabulous.

A gorgeous scarf-print cami that wants to stay un-tucked for full appreciation. The white border at the bottom calls to mind a layered look, only much prettier.

This silky, nicely draping utility blouse, with its lovely un-collared and unfussy neckline, is for Mom, who put me on the case of tracking down a great long-sleeved top in this golden shade. Check.

The beautiful metallic chevron print here works the visually elongating magic that vertical stripes do. The collared halter neck lengthens the look of the torso, as well. I designate this blouse a petite styling strategy rock-star.

Gorgeous tailored high-waisted wide legs. I’d maximize their ability to create visual length for the legs by wearing them with a pair of black high heels and a sleek black belt.

I wouldn’t ordinarily go for an allover animal print dress, but this one is tamed down enough with its midi length, flowy fit, good coverage and flounce hem that I could see it as a casual day dress for me with low heeled or flat sandals.

A very versatile and very put-together-looking cami in a pretty periwinkle color. Also fabulous (and even more versatile) in black or off-white.

This jersey dress is a blank canvas for accessories. The slit in the sleeve modernizes it and adds just the ittiest bit of detail that makes this dress a sure bet for a wardrobe rotation regular.

The color combination on these petite – I repeat – petite-sized capri leggings (I know!) is stellar.

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