Travel Solution: Compact Folding Footrest

With the holiday season and winter getaways around the corner, there’s bound to be some air travel in the cards for many of us. Are you like me – secretly a little happier that the plane seats have gotten smaller because you fit more comfortably in them? These days, the cushion of the seat on many planes is usually compact enough so that my back rests against the back of the seat, which is nice.  My feet still don’t often reach the floor, though, and that can get to be a mighty strain after a while, especially on a longer flight. I’ve sometimes used whatever it is I’ve brought along to stow under the seat to give my feet some purchase (You, too?), but it’s never really been ideal.  This year, I decided to hunt for a proper solution. Here is what I’ve found…

Meet my new travel companion, this compact portable folding footrest. It’s lightweight (1.3 pounds) and fits into my carry-on and my travel tote (when folded, it’s 5″ x 10″ x 1″). 

When unfolded, the top – where your feet do their resting – can expand from 10 to 15 inches. It’s made a huge difference for me comfort-wise.

I did look into some other options. There’s another folding footrest out there that I think would be too small for my feet. There are inflatable footrests that risk leaking, in my opinion… and, you have to blow them up, too, which is definitely not among my favorite things to do in general. There are slings for your feet that loop around the tray table. Those get credit for being a creative approach, but I’d be worrying about disturbing the person in front of me while using it, and don’t want to dangle at any angle, really.

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