Under Bed Storage Ideas

I don’t imagine I know a single soul who isn’t in want of more storage. No matter how organized or paired down or unsentimental or blessed with closets we might be, I think we all find ourselves wishing for even just a little bit more space to stash our stuff.

Have you thought of using the space under your bed? If this is unchartered storage territory for you, here’s some great news — there’s lots of good, usable and easily accessible room for keeping your things. There’s more than 30 feet of floor space under a queen sized bed, for example. Making use of the space under beds makes so much sense, with the added bonus of being right under your…toes. Wonderful for everyone, and extra nice when you’re petite.

Here are some great under bed storage options. I’ve chosen those with covers or zippers, best for keeping the dust that tends to accumulate more rapidly on low surfaces out.

I’m a huge Basket Lady fan. This is one of the pricier choices out there, but she’s a beauty and so sturdy.

These are very hardy soft storage bags, and they’re exceptionally well-priced. I love the windows that allow you to see what’s in them, in case you’ve forgotten.

A simple linen look in a modern neutral light taupe color, with a handy little pocket to place a label to describe the contents.

A similar option, but one with a clear top so you can eyeball everything you’ve got tucked inside without opening it up. Pretty clever.

I love the color of this woven paper rope storage basket, but there are more color choices if blue is not for you.

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