Under bed storage solutions

Storage issues. Who doesn’t have them? Even the most organized and unsentimental of us find ourselves in need of places to keep our stuff. For me, what with having recently moved to a New York City apartment and the combining of two households worth of such stuff that a remarriage involves, I’ve had to contend with storage needs as never before, despite lots and LOTS of serious paring down, purging and downsizing.

Did you know there’s over 30 square feet of floor space under a queen sized bed? Using the space under beds makes so much sense, plus it’s right there, easy to access.  No tippy toes, climbing or stepladders required. Great for all, and extra nice when you’re petite. In need of some extra storage space yourself? Here are Petiterie’s picks for keeping it on the down low…

So pretty. Iron with a cotton liner, this under bed storage basket is sure to make you smile when you pull it out.

Clear lids zip up to keep dust away and let you view contents of this storage box. Handles on length and width sides makes these easy to maneuver .

Another option with handles on both sides for convenience when storing in either orientation. This fabric storage box has a snazzy lid that lifts one half at a time.

Keep a spare set of sheets close by, or store a comforter or throws in this lovely rattan clad under bed storage box with a fitted lid.

These are more of the storage bag ilk, which means they are soft-sided, and collapse nicely when not in use.

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