Wheeled Storage Cart

Keeping a collection of unwieldy items together is always a challenge. Could be toys with little pieces, toiletries, arts and crafts supplies… you name it, it’s not easy to tame all those this-es and that-s. Keeping it all organized AND easily accessible? That takes the challenge to a new level, and even more so when you are petite. I’ve just discovered a great idea for tackling this special kind of clutter issue: a wheeled storage cart like this one they’ve got at The Container Store. It’s sturdy, easy to put together, comes in a rainbow of colors, has three shelves of storage and is compact enough to tuck into a corner. Best of all, it’s on wheels, so you can scoot it around to where you need it for more convenience. It’s not expensive either, rolling in at just under $30.

The wise owls at Container Store have even stocked a few “starter kits” all tricked out with little bins and jars and supplies for a variety of different uses. There are loaded carts for entertaining, the nursery, the college kitchen,

toys, arts and crafts, toiletries,

laundry and cleaning, and more. They are fully and easily customizable.

Big, gold stamp of Petiterie approval for these.

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